If you park a bicycle in the No Bike Parking Zones, the bicycle might be removed by a local authority and incur cost.

Article 9 of the “Sapporo City Ordinance on Prevention of Leaving Bicycles, etc. Unattended” stipulates that “users of bicycles, etc. shall not leave bicycles, etc. unattended in prohibited areas.

Map for “No Bicycle Parking Zone”

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●Use parking area of facility or paid bicycle parking area when park your bicycle temporarily.

●Not only illegal parking, do not park your bicycle in the place that hinder pedestrians and drivers.

●If the bicycle is removed due to illegal parking, the user shall be responsible for all costs involved in returning it.

●Even if you park your bicycle any place other than “No Bicycle Parking Zone”, it might be removed if it harms significantly the urban function at public space.