About 500 electric assisted bicycles are from Bridgestone.
Ports(exclusive cycle ports) are set up about 50 places in the central of Sapporo.
Bicycle can be rented from any port and returned to any port freely.

Pre Ride Bicycle Checklist

  1. (1)Saddle
    Be sure the saddle is at a height where your toes touch the ground, and that it is secured tightly.
  2. (2)Remaining battery charge
    Be sure there is more than enough battery charge for the distance you plan to ride.
  3. (3)Are the brake shoes tight?
    Be sure the brake levers do not touch the handle bar when the wheels are locked.
  4. (4)Be sure the handle bars have no problems.
    Be sure the handle bars are perpendicular to the front wheel and are not loose, and that the handle bar cover can’t be removed.
  5. (5)Bell
    Be sure the bell rings.
  6. (6)Attachment operation panel
    Be sure the green lamp flashes when you press the START button, and that the “Card/Code” display appears.
  7. (7)Air pressure in tires
    Press the tires to be sure there is enough air in them (no denting when you press).

How to use a power-assist bicycle

Electric assist power button is on the left side of a bicycle handlebar.
Please be careful when pedaling as it is activated from the start of the ride.

The power panel varies depending on the bicycle, but it has the following functions.

  1. Remaining battery life
    Check the battery level before using
  2. Light
    It will turn on automatically when it gets dark, but it can also be done manually.
  3. Ride mode lamp
    3 levels can be seitched