Let’s ride around Sapporo freely.


What’s Porocle ?

Porocle is a cycle sharing service in Sapporo.


Easy to move with an e-bike. Conveniently open24 hours a day.

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About 60 ports! dedicated bicycle parking

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You can rent a bicycle from any port of your choice and return it to any port of your choice.

Cannot be returned outside the port.


You can rent a bicycle from any port of your choice and return it to any port of your choice.

You can also park bicycle temporarily at the facility's bike parking lot. (make sure to lock the key)

1 Day Pass

For sightseeing and exploring, we recommend the 1 Day Pass!  You can rent and return as many times as you like until 11:59 p.m.

Illustration of 1 Day Pass

Be sure to return bicycle to the port by 11:59 p.m. on the day you rent it. Cannot be used across days.

1 Day Pass can be purchased on the dedicated website or at the Face-to-face counter .

Buy from the Web

From the purchase of a Web sales 1 Day Pass to the start of use JPY1,430  Convenient to purchase right then and there from your smartphone.

Go to details of web sales 1 Day Pass

Buy at the face-to-face counter

Available at tourist information centers and hotels, is an IC card type and easy to use. Secure application with face-to-face sales.Easy use with card.

Go to the details of the 1 Day Pass for face-to-face counter sales.

Member Plans

Convenient for repeat users, such as those living in Japan. Please install the app and register as a member

1) One time member First 30 min. JPY165   2) Monthly member Basic Fee JPY3,300/month  Extension Fee (When it exceeds 30 minutes): JPY 165/30 min  ※The maximum extension fee per day : JPY 2,200

Go to details of member plan use


Bycycle parking prohibited zone

If you park in a Prohibited areas bicycle will be removed. In the event of removal, you will be charged a fee to be paid to the City of Sapporo, a collection agency fee by Porocle, and an extension fee until the return is completed. Please be careful.


Please check

- No refunds will be made after purchase.

- Please check the battery level, etc. before use. Confirmation Method

- Please use bike in accordance with the rules and manners. Details

- Always “lock” bike when you leave it. Locking Method